SDB:Laser Printer Does Not Print Properly Or Does Not Print At All

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We have a record of HP LaserJets being marketed as 600x600 dpi but in fact lacking enough default memory to provide this resolution. Thus, these printers backspace to 300x300 dpi and produce an (unfitting) output four times as big.

There are two approaches to solve this problem:

  • You can either set the resolution that must be used to address your printer to 300x300dpi.
  • Or you can purchase a memory expansion for your printer.

A similar problem arises in connection with HP Laserjet II, 4L, OKI 400, and similar devices marketed as 300x300 dpi printers but only equipped with 1MB (or even 512KB) of memory. In those cases, the printer resolution must be explicitly set to 300dpi (or 150dpi).
A printer's memory should be at least 1MB for 300x300 dpi and 4 MB for 600x600 dpi.

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