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SDB:It's not possible to boot from the first CD

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara


Even though your computer can boot from CD-ROM, it doesn't boot with the first CD of SuSE Linux.


There are severeal ways of creating bootable CDs. The BIOS of either your motherboard or of your SCSI controller doesn't support the method used for the first CD of SUSE Linux.

We have chosen a method that is working on most computers. Unfortunately there is no method that would work on all systems. Whatever method we choose, there will always be some computers that will not be able to boot of that CD.


You have two options: either boot of the second CD, which uses a different method, or use the provided boot floppy.

Of course, it might also be worthwhile to double check, if the BIOS settings are correctly set to allow booting of CDs in general ;-) <keyword>CD1,SYSLINUX,BOOTING</keyword>