SDB:Interactive Start-up Mode

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Version: 8.1


You want to interact with the boot process.


From SuSE Linux 8.1 on, it is possible to control the start services during the boot process. To activate this feature, edit the variable PROMPT_FOR_CONFIRM in the file /etc/sysconfig/boot as the user root with an editor of your choice:


After rebooting, the boot process stops and displays the following question for five seconds:

Enter Interactive startup mode? y/[n]

Press the key y to interactively control the services (note that, at this stage, a US keyboard layout is used). Now, you can activate or deactivate single services.

An additional feature enables you to stop the boot process. This feature is activated by setting the variable FLOW_CONTROL to "yes" in the configuration file mentioned above. With this setting, xon/xoff flow control is activated during the boot process. Use ctrl-s to stop the boot process and ctrl-q to resume it. <keyword>interactive,start-up,mode</keyword>