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SDB:Installation ohne Hardware Erkennung

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara
Version 9.3-10.0


You want to deactivate Hardware detection during the installation Process, so you can assign Modules manually.


You start the Installation from the CD/DVD and on the first screen of the Installation you press "F3" for Other Options.

Here you type in the Boot options :


On the next screens you choose the language and keyboard layout .

After these steps, the Hardware detection is disabled and you can select each driver manually from the next menu:

In this menu you go on Kernel Modules. In this menu you can load and unload modules as well as see the status of the currently used modules. The modules are divided into areas like IDE/RAID/SCSI or PCMCIA. The preselected modules are marked with an asterisk (*)

When you pick a module you will be asked for module parameters, these can be left empty.

You can test the functionality of the modules without starting the installation by going on the System information in the first menu and then pick the category of the module.

After all modules are selected you can start the installation. This procedure can be used when you encounter some difficulties with Hardware recognition during the Installation process, like no SATA, IDE Hard disk found etc.