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SDB:Informations about unknown/not detected PCI devices

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One or several PCI devices are not supported. A quick look into the SuSE hardware database (CDB) doesn't helps either.


At most the harware is very new or it's hardware with a small circulation.

To check the hardware support SuSE needs some suitable information - this is the unambigious identification of the device:
Each PCI devices' manufacturer has a registered identification, these are both 'vendor ID' and 'device ID'. Additionally there should also be more information.

Matter of concern:

To decide whether hardware is supported we need the suitable information.
Please provide that needed information!


There are two ways to act:

  • lspci (and Linux is already installed)

lspci is a tool to report devices on the PCI bus. This can also be done for onboard devices or notebooks.
Please call the following command using the console or an xterm:

           /sbin/lspci -vx

The result will be reported on stdout (text) and can be redirected to a file.

           /sbin/lspci -vx > lspci.txt

The result is now located within 'lspci.txt' within the current directory. If there is the possibility to send emails, please send us this file. The adresses are or

  • hwinfo

hwinfo is a small program to detect hardware and hwinfo is also used in YaST2. hwinfo collects suitable information. hwinfo can be installed via packeage libhd (serie d). Also hwinfo can be installed via ftp For ftp you can also use one of the mirrors

Possible errors:

  • The package 'pciutils' includes the command 'lspci'. May be the package 'pciutils' isn't installed yet.
           rpm -q pciutils

If the package 'pciutils' isn't installed please install it via YaST. For further information have a look into the manual. <keyword>PCI,unknown,device,vendor,hwinfo</keyword>