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SDB:Icon "Local Network Browsing" in KDE

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 9.0


You want to remove the icon Local Network Browsing from your KDE desktop or at least be able to control its mode of operation.


  1. Start YaST and select the menu entries:
    • System
    • Editor for /etc/sysconfig Files
  2. Open the following path in the tree structure "Configuration Options" on the left:
    • Desktop
    • KDE
    • Lisa
  3. Select the entry "USE_LAN_SERVER".
  4. Select the desired option (e.g. "none" to disable the icon) from the drop-down menu.

Background Information

This icon is in fact a part of the network scanner service LISA (package "kdenetwork3-lisa"), which provides access to various network shares and services from the graphical interface in a simple way. See also the section "Procedure with KDE" from the article SDB:Access to Windows Shares. <keyword>kde,local,network,icon</keyword>