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SDB:ISDN Password Request Does Not Work on SuSE Linux 8.2

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 8.2


You have activated the password request option in the ISDN configuration and entered your provider's password to dial-up. However, the connection fails.


The password is not sent to the provider, so the connection cannot be established.


Avoid this problem with the following workaround.

Note: Refer to the chapter "Working with the Shell" (pages 301 to 326) of the User Guide for a better understanding of the following instructions.

Create a text file with the following content (you can use the cut and paste function of your mouse):

  1. !/bin/bash . /etc/sysconfig/isdn/cfg-net0 sed s/"ASKPASSWORD='no'"/"ASKPASSWORD='yes'"/ /etc/sysconfig/network/providers/"$PROVIDER" > /tmp/new_prov_$$ cp /tmp/new_prov_$$ /etc/sysconfig/network/providers/"$PROVIDER" /sbin/ifdown ippp0 echo "Enter your provider's password" /sbin/ifup ippp0 isdnctrl dial ippp0

Make the file executable with the command chmod 755 file_name (see User Guide).

To be able to start your new script (file) conveniently from the desktop, proceed as follows:

  • Right-click the desktop. A pop-up menu appears.
  • Select "Create New" then "Link to Application".
  • Click the "Execute" tab.
  • Enter the name of the script (including the whole path, e.g., "/usr/local/bin/dial-up") in the input field "command".
  • Activate the check box "Run in terminal".
  • Activate the check box "Run as a different user" and enter "root" as "Username".
  • After confirming with OK, a new icon is created on the desktop.

Now you can use this icon to start the dial-up process. You will be prompted to enter root's password first then your provider's. Hang up with Kinternet as usual. <keyword>isdn,password,request,kinternet</keyword>