SDB:How to Install the SuSE Linux Manuals

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Version: 8.1


You want to access the SuSE Linux manuals available on the CD/DVD as rpm package.


  1. Start YaST2.
  2. Change to the dialog
-> Software
-> Install/Remove software
  1. Select the entry "RPM groups" in the menu "Filter" on the left.
  2. Select the following entries in the displayed tree structure
-> Documentation
-> SuSE
  1. Install the package "suselinux-adminguide_en" or "suselinux-userguide_en" from the list.
  2. After the package installation, open a browser (e.g. konqueror) and view the following HTML pages:

The manuals are also available in .pdf format at:


and can be viewed with Acrobat Reader. In addition, the manuals are included in SuSE's Help Center (susehelp), too. <keyword>manual,documentation,help,description,manuals</keyword>