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SDB:How To Use the Hardware Database (CDB)

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You want to search our hardware database ( for information concerning a particular hardware component.


The search possibilities featured by our hardware database range from simple, global searches (express search) to targeted searches (extended search).

The following search criteria are suitable for the express search:

  • Vendor and product designation
  • Product designation and hardware category
  • Vendor and hardware category

The result list obtained when using the last two search criteria combinations can be very exhaustive. In such a case it is advisable to refine the search by means of the extended search.

Unfortunately, due to the multiple designation possibilities and the widespread use of 3rd party components among hardware manufacturers, a database search for a particular hardware component on the basis of its vendor and product designation might deliver no results in spite of being included in our database (e.g. a chipset).

In order to perform a much more effective search, start by finding out the vendor and device ID for the system bus (PCI, USB, etc.) the hardware component is attached to. SUSE LINUX provides you with adequate tools for this purpose:

  • hwinfo --pci
  • hwinfo --usb

Then launch an extended search with the detected IDs. Make sure not to include the prefix "0x" from the hwinfo output in the search fields. The obtained result list should only feature a few hits. Note that chipsets are marked in the list by way of a red asterisk.

Attention!: Always read the 'Details' for every product entry in the hardware database. The support status displayed in the hit list does not always apply to the SUSE LINUX version you deploy. Information concerning every SUSE LINUX AG product is only included in the 'Detailed information' of the respective hardware component.