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SDB:Could not enter folder /media/usb-storage-07340330088E:0:0:0p1

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 9.1


After running YaST Online Update, you are no longer able to access your USB hard disk, USB stick, or digital camera.

When you try to access the data, konqueror returns an error message similar to

  Could not enter folder /media/usb-storage-07340330088E:0:0:0p1


Submount was not able to detect all the file system. This problem has been observed particularly in connection with file systems on USB sticks.


After having temporarily removed the problematic hotplug update, fixed versions of the packages hotplug and submount are now available via YOU (YaST Online Update). <keyword>usb,hotplug,usb-stick,stick,camera</keyword>