SDB:Collecting Information on the Printer Configuration (BSD Spooling System)

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Version: 1.0 -


You would like to submit information on your printer configuration to the SuSE Advanced Support Service (it does not apply for CUPS, but for the BSD Spooling System only).


  1. Start your Linux system.
  2. Log in as a normal user and start your desktop.
  3. In KDE, press the key combination ALT+F2.
  4. Enter "xterm" in the box.
  5. Click on "Run".
  6. A new window pops up: enter the command "su -".
  7. Enter the root password.
  8. Enter the command "cd /tmp".

For SuSE Linux up to version 7.3: Create a file in the directory /tmp and insert (with copy&paste) the following commands in it. Make the file executable and activate it. Command list:

echo "printer" | logger
echo "---hwinfo --printer---" > /tmp/info.txt
hwinfo --printer >> /tmp/info.txt
echo "---/var/log/messages---" >> /tmp/info.txt
tail -n 200 /var/log/messages | grep -A 200 "printer" >> /tmp/info.txt
echo "---lspci -v---" >> /tmp/info.txt
lspci -v >> /tmp/info.txt
echo "---/etc/modules.conf---" >> /tmp/info.txt
grep parport /etc/modules.conf >> /tmp/info.txt
echo "---default printer---" >> /tmp/info.txt
grep PRINTER /etc/rc.config >> /tmp/info.txt
echo "---start deamon---" >> /tmp/info.txt
grep START_LPD /etc/rc.config >> /tmp/info.txt
echo "---daemon running---" >> /tmp/info.txt
ps ax | grep lpd >> /tmp/info.txt
echo "---loaded modules---" >> /tmp/info.txt
lsmod >> /tmp/info.txt

If you are a Linux newcomer, you can also enter the commands directly. To spare some typing, enter only the following commands:

echo "drucker" | logger
hwinfo --printer >> /tmp/info.txt
tail -n 200 /var/log/messages | grep -A 200 "drucker" >> /tmp/info.txt
lspci -v >> /tmp/info.txt
grep parport /etc/modules.conf >> /tmp/info.txt
grep PRINTER /etc/rc.config >> /tmp/info.txt
grep START_LPD /etc/rc.config >> /tmp/info.txt
ps ax | grep lpd >> /tmp/info.txt
lsmod >> /tmp/info.txt

By performing these steps you have created the file /tmp/info.txt. In case you use a different operating system to send e-mails, you can copy this file to a formatted DOS floppy disk with:

mcopy /tmp/info.txt a:

Check the content of the floppy disk:

mdir a:

The file /tmp/info.txt contains the information on your printer configuration. Send the content of this file in ASCII format to Do not use any encoded attachments and mention the manufacturer and printer model in your message.
Do not forget to enclose your registration code. Wait for the confirmation that your e-mail has been received and call the SuSE Advanced Support Service for external peripherals.

Click here for more information on rates and telephone numbers.

SuSE Linux Version 8.0 or Higher:

From SuSE Linux 8.0 on, you can collect the relevant information with the command:

siga no -print

The output shall be written to


Alternatively, you can use the following command to write the output directly to a floppy disk if you are not able to send e-mails with SuSE Linux yet:

siga floppy -print

Note that the whole content of the floppy disk will be overwritten when copying the files. Send us the content of the file siga.txt including the manufacturer and the printer model. <keyword>0190,printer,information,support</keyword>