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SDB:Collecting Information on the Mail Configuration for the Advanced Support Services

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 8.0


From SuSE Linux 8.0 on, we provide you assistance for the configuration of the e-mail access by way of YaST2 (configuration of Sendmail/Postfix and Fetchmail) within the scope of our Advanced Support Service.
In this context, you would like to submit information on your e-mail configuration to the SuSE Advanced Support Service.


Please proceed as follows:

  1. Start your Linux system.
  2. Log in as a user and start your desktop.
  3. In KDE, press the key combination ALT+F2.
  4. Enter "xterm" in the box.
  5. Click on "Execute".
  6. A new window will pop up; enter the command "su -".
  7. Now enter the root password.
  8. Enter the command "cd /tmp".

Enter the following commands:

rpm -V sendmail > info.txt 2>&1
rpm -V postfix >> info.txt 2>&1
rpm -V amavis-sendmail >> info.txt 2>&1
rpm -V amavis-postfix >> info.txt 2>&1
cat -n /etc/aliases >> info.txt 2>&1
cat -n /etc/sysconfig/sendmail >> info.txt 2>&1
cat -n /etc/mail/virtusertable >> info.txt 2>&1
cat -n /etc/mail/genericstable >> info.txt 2>&1
cat -n /etc/sysconfig/postfix >> info.txt 2>&1
cat -n /etc/postfix/virtual >> info.txt 2>&1
cat -n /etc/postfix/sender_canonical >> info.txt 2>&1
cat -n /etc/fetchmailrc >> info.txt 2>&1
grep poll.tcpip /var/log/messages >> info.txt

In this way you have created the file /tmp/info.txt. In case you use a different operating system for sending e-mails, you can copy this file on a DOS formatted floppy disk with the following command:

mcopy /tmp/info.txt a:

You can check the floppy disk content with the command:

mdir a:

The file /tmp/info.txt contains information on your boot configuration. Please send the contents of this text file in ASCII format to Do not use any encoded attachments! Please enclose your registration code. Wait for the confirmation that your e-mail has been received,then call the SuSE Advanced Support Service for Basic Administration and LAN.

The respective telephone numbers and fees can be found here. <keyword>mail,sendmail,postfix,0190</keyword>