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SDB:Applications autostart in KDE

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You want some special applications to start automaticly with your KDE Desktop Manager, unfortunately you don't know where to proceed.


The easiest way to make application autostart in KDE is to create executable script within autostart folder.

First of all you need to check what has been setup as your autostart folder, just open KDE Control Center (it may be called "Personal Settings"). On the left panel go to 'System Administration'->'Paths', on the right panel you should see Autostart path and it's value. The default should be:


So now its time for creation of our autostart script. Just open any terminal (for example KMenu->System->Terminal->Konsole), in most cases you should be automaticly your user's home folder, to be completely sure you may check it with command:


Now go to your Autostart folder, in case of default Autostart path you should just execute:

cd .kde/Autostart/

As soon as you will be there create a new file and open it (the name doesn't matter), for example you can execute:

mcedit start.script

Now in each line specify what do you want KDE to execute each time it starts up. For example if we want to get xeyes with yellow pupils the correct line will be:

xeyes -fg yellow

After putting all lines save changes to this file and exit (for mcedit just hit 'F10' and confirm to save changes).

The last thing you need to do is make this script executable, so just execute:

chmod +x script_name

in our simple example it would be:

chmod +x start.script

At this moment you may reboot KDE to see the changes during startup. Please take a note that this only affects current user.