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SDB:Applications autostart in GNOME

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara


You want some special applications to start automaticly with your GNOME Desktop Manager, unfortunately you don't know where to proceed.


Open Gnome Control Center, in section System go to Sessions. In Sessions main window click on "Startup Programs" (it's one of the tabs on the top of the window). Now click on the "Add" button and type into the new text box the name of application you want to be automatically started each time you will login into Gnome. Please take a note that within this window after putting name of the program you may also specify special parameters you want to pass each time, for example you may type here:

xeyes -fg blue

(as result you should see opened xeyes with blue pupils each time you start GNOME) confirm with "OK". Now you may close "Sessions" window and restart GNOME to check if you got expected results.

Additional notes

Thanks to this modification as the result you may see that new file has been created in /home/your_username/.config/autostart/ You may also notice that some other Desktop Managers are using this location during startup, like for instance KDE. Another important thing is that these changes affect only curent user.