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SESUSE - Security Enhanced SUSE


SUSE will will have SSP and AppArmor beginning with Beta1, This project is discontinued.


This project wants to be a hardened distribution based on SUSE Linux 10.0 (10.1 ??).


SESUSE will follow the SUSE Linux distribution development model, not including the launch dates. The first release will be based on SUSE Linux 10.1 Alpha 4. The second one will be based on SUSE Linux RC1 and finally the stable release will be based on SUSE Linux 10.1. Update repositories will be available.






Personal Notes

About Kernel

About GCC

  • Latest version of gcc supported by SSP is 3.4.4. I've compiled it today on my system and it works fine.

TODO: create RPM version for gcc-3.4.4 with SSP.

  • Created RPM for gcc-4.1 with SSP. It will be available later.


Changed the name from SCEL (SUSE Community Enterprise Linux) to SESUSE (Security Enhanced SUSE).



After the first release (the one based on Alpha 4) everyone is invited to participate to this project by creating RPMS, reporting bugs, creating pactches, creating security policies, etc.

If you have some SDRAM PC-133 modules and you can donate them I will be very thankful. Right now I have only 3*128MB RAM and the compile time is very big. Please note that I don't have any RAM slots free, so I need modules >= 256MB. I will pay for the shipment, of course and I'll turn them back if the project is abandoned. Please see my profile for my PC specs. Please contact me via e-mail @ for donations. NOTE to administrators of if I'm not allowed to ask for donations here, feel free to delete this section.


Question.png Why this page isn't linked to any page?
Because this project is not official yet. I would like to do more searches and practice before beginning the project to see if I can handle such a big project.
Question.png Can I edit this page?
Of course but please don't delete sections or modify them. I'm currently using it to keep track of my ideas :-)


Question.png Do you think SCEL should have a nice GUI (KDE/GNOME)?
At least for the moment I think at SCEL as a completely secured Linux distribution, used for servers with no physical access, eventually closed in a closet. I would prefer to use only a web interface for configuration. It should include all you need to configure any server (eg.: http, ftp, mail, dns, voip) but the GUI is useless. My opinion :-) --liviudm 23:02, 8 Nov 2005 (MST)
I couldn't imagine any 'secured' linux distribution relying on any of the commonly available web interfaces for configuration. No thanks. X is more difficult -- it is a LOT of highly complex code running with a lot of privileges.. but it is amazingly useful. --seth_arnold 9 Nov 2005

--liviudm 12:31, 8 Nov 2005 (MST)