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The Portal is openSUSE indexing project.

The idea is simple: "Make big index, and than sub indexes of articles using subpages feature of the wiki, as well as table of content (TOC) where applicable."

The name is chosen to avoid confusion with index.php, but that is just an Index of all pages found on openSUSE wiki. It is indexing project that should be easier to maintain than built in categories, where wiki maintainer has to visit every article and add missing category. Who did this knows that index is cake walk.

Note that in the moment are included only articles from Main name space, and there is a lot of them in others, like Template.

To do

  • We already have many indexes that have to be included in the tree, but many new have to be created, and updated when new articles appear. The first step is to collect existing indexes and put them in the Existing Indexes.
  • Sort links by the topic, when necessary create subpages. What you see right now is fast sort according to article title.
  • Add comments to the links, as short as possible, preferably no more than a line.
    Consider that:"No comment is the worst comment".
  • Graphic layout. Please post your ideas to mail list, or just go and do it.
  • ...