Playing wmv in Firefox HOWTO

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Some of the most frequently asked questions new linux users ask is how they play the media formats, especially in their internet browser, they were used to playing in Windows. One of the most common media formats you run across on the internet is Microsoft's proprietary Windows Media Video (.wmv) format. Given that it would be a jarring shock if Microsoft supported this format in linux, getting .wmv files to play in linux has always been less than perfect. The good news is that MPlayer has nearly perfect support through Windows Media Video version 9.

This Howto will both allow you to play .wmv files on your hard disc, but more conveniently, will set you up to view these directly as embedded video in your Firefox browser without having to always save the file to your computer.


Step 1: Add Packman Package Repository

If you haven't already, you will need to add Packman's package repository to your installation sources in YaST.

  • Open YaST
  • Select "Software," and then "Installation Source"
  • If you do not see a URL that includes packman, select "Add", then "HTTP"
  • Enter "" as the Server Name, and "suse/10.1" as the directory, then click OK.
Note: This is a U.S.A. mirror. For a list of other mirror sites, go here
Note: You may get an error message about packages on the source being unsigned. You can ignore this, or install the pgp file to prevent the error msg. in the future.

  • Now click FINISH.

Step 2: Install MPlayer and mplayerplug-in packages

  • Still in YaST
  • Select "Software," and then "Software Management"
  • In the Filter drop-down box in the upper left corner, select "Installation Source"
  • Choose the packman source
  • Scroll down until you see the "mplayerplug-in," and select this package.
  • Check to see if the "MPlayer" package is installed or not. Most likely, it is not, unless you have added another source that includes this package.
    • If the box next to the package is unchecked, select it.
  • Now click the Accept button to install the package(s).

That's it. You should now be able to play most .wmv files you come across on the internet.

Other Firefox Plug-ins of Interest

  • Adobe Acrobat Plug-in is part of the "Acroread" package in the non-oss-installation source (install CD 6)
  • Java plug-in is "java-1_5_0-sun-plugin" or "java-1_4_2-sun-plugin" in the non-oss-installation source (install CD 6) depending on which version of Java you decide to install
  • Macromedia Flash Player is the "flash-player" package in the non-oss-installation source (install CD 6)
  • Macromedia Shock Wave is not supported in linux accept via WINE or CrossOver Office

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