OpenSUSE Wishlist

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This is a wishlist for the openSUSE project and related resources, There are other wishlists for the Linux distribution it produces.

openSUSE Website

New Features


* A process to create openSUSE wikis in other languages, with Interwiki linking. & or & [NOTE: This is on the roadmap scheduled for October] Other wikis are now active. --Herding 16:04, 7 February 2006 (UTC)

Attractive professional website

  • openSuSE website in a more representative attractive style for both novice and advanced SuSE Linux users. A more professional solid but playfull style to reflect the quality of the distributions and the community.

The website to really attract people to start using SuSE Linux or continue to do so, not just to inform.

Bot for the wiki

I'm one of the [Python wikipedia robot framework Python Wikipedia Bot] developers. The bot software is capable of maintaining interwiki links and categories, doing text replacements and other tasks that otherwise would waste human editors' time.

The bot software is being used not only on Wikipedia, but also on other Wikimedia (e.g. Wiktionary) and non-Wikimedia (e.g. Memory Alpha) MediaWikis.

I think that now that this wiki project has gone multilingual, the bot software might get very helpful. I have created a wiki family file for this project, but unfortunatelly it is not yet usable because the Novell login system was used instead of MediaWiki's one.

So if you're familiar with Python, MediaWiki, HTTP, and HTML and think the bot would be useful here, contact me; maybe we can teach the bot how to handle this login system without spoiling the bot's code too much. --Herding 16:04, 7 February 2006 (UTC)

openSUSE Mailinglists

  • A stricter policy on the openSUSE mailinglist to bounce HTML and forbid topposting, so readability improves
  • Usenet port for the mailing lists
  • There should be a RSS feed for the mailing list.
Otherwise one gets flooded with all the messages on the list. A RSS feed would be very convenient and would overcome the problem of a full mailbox.
  • An integrated search for the mailing list archive would be nice.