Mono Takımı

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The Mono team is responsible for maintaining the Mono runtime, class libraries, development tools and some Gtk#.

Mono Team

The following are the members of the Mono Team that participate on this effort, some are Novell employees, some are community members:

Core Group:

  • Wade Berrier (Packaging, QA).
  • Miguel de Icaza (liason).
  • Paolo Molaro (JIT, GC)
  • Gonzalo Paniagua (ASP.NET, System.Web)
  • Dick Porter (io-layer, threading)
  • Martin Baulig (Generics)
  • Sebastien Pouliot (crypto, System.Drawing, Olive)
  • Atsushi Enomoto (Xml, Web Services, Olive, String collation).

GUI and Tools Group:

  • Mike Kestner (Gtk#, Windows.Forms)
  • Chris Toshok (Windows.Forms lead)
  • Rolf Bjarne (Windows.Forms and VB.NET)
  • Andreia Gaita (Windows.Forms and Visual Studio)
  • Everaldo Canuto (Windows.Forms)

Compiler Group:

  • Harinath Raja (C# Compiler, build system, Transactions)
  • Marek Safar (C# compiler)
  • Rolf Bjarne (VB.NET)
  • Massimiliano Mantione (Runtime tuning)
  • Martin Baulig (C# compiler, debugger, generics)

Development Tools:

  • Ankit Jain (ilasm, monodis, Olive, Infocard, MonoDevelop)
  • Lluis Sánchez (MonoDevelop, XmlSerialization, Remoting)

Olive/Crimson Group:

  • Jordi Más (Workflow)
  • Sebastien Pouliot
  • Atsushi Enomoto (Indigo).
  • Ankit Jain (Indigo)