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MicroSUSE Todo

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Software To Package

  • Qtopia Core 4
  • TinyCC (i386 and ARM only)
  • QEMU-compliant kernels for MIPS ("Malta" board), PowerPC (PReP), SPARC (sun4m), and AMD64
  • TinyGL?
  • Web Browser (Dillo or something like that)

Packages That Need Attention

  • Python is bloated. Disable non-essential features, split package.
  • Ruby is bloated. Disable non-essential features, split package.
  • Asterisk needs an update (currently at 1.2.0-beta1).
  • libusb needs an update (currently at 0.1.11). This is probably not trivial as libusb does not cross-compile at all, and the current fix that un-libtoolizes the build system is extremely large and does not apply as is to current versions of libusb.
  • GCC 4.1.0 does not work for softfloat targets and for armeb, we are currently using GCC 3.4.6 or 3.4.5 (for uClibc and glibc targets, respectively) for these builds.
  • The LTP testsuite needs an update, it's currently at 20050804, only partially building and therefore disabled.
  • net-snmp needs an update (currently at 5.1.2)
  • Many packages make the compiler throw an inordinate number of warnings, aliasing-related ones in particular, when building.
  • One package seems to overwrite /dev/null in the host system...

The Build Environment

  • IA64 toolchain support (uClibc supports IA64).
  • uClibc-locale-030818.tgz is downloaded every time by the uClibc makefiles.
  • Add an m68k_nofpu target.
  • tarroot is made before kernels have been built. (Minor issue, it must be called manually anyway.)
  • Align package names with SUSE conventions.
  • Add configs for SH, cris, nios2, SPARC, and AMD64.

New Platforms

  • port uClibc to S/390 / zSeries

System Builder's Tools

  • A dependency checker that verifies that all dynamically linked libraries and all interpreters necessary are present in your target system. It should also be able to find unused libraries.
  • System building GUI tool.