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Will Stephenson

Will Stephenson keeps the wheels on the kdepim3 and kdenetwork3 packages. These are Personal Information Management and network related software. Two of the most visible applications in this category are Kontact and Kopete. As well as that Will maintains khelpcenter and KNetworkManager, the network applet for laptops that is new in SUSE Linux 10.1 and SLED10.


Will also works on Novell GroupWise compatibility for KDE which is useful for keeping the folks at SUSE talking to the rest of Novell.


When he's not at work Will enjoys hacking KDE some more, riding bicycles and going to the cinema. He's a native of the ancient kingdom of Northumbria and has been working for SUSE in Nuremberg since June 2004.


  • Email: wstephenson <at> kde <dot> org
  • IRC: Bille, mostly in #kopete and #kontact on irc.kde.org