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A goal of the openSUSE project is to provide the highest quality documentation to the communities the project serves.

User Documentation

For end users, the openSUSE community creates, edits and refines comprehensive documentation. The documentation describes the installation, configuration and use of all the packages provided in SUSE Linux as well as additional packages that are available at openSUSE.org.

Official documents supplied by Novell

English : Pdf.png Novell SuSE Linux 9.3 User Guide

French : Guides Novell SuSE Linux 9.3.

The PowerPC Documentation contains all important informations about the installation and usage of SUSE Linux on Apple or other PowerPC systems.

Community supplied

Product Highlights lists major version changes and additions characterizing the upcoming SUSE 10.0 release.

End-User Documentation by users of the openSUSE project. Add your contribution there, following the OpenSUSE Style Guide.

Administrator Documentation

Official documents supplied by Novell

Pdf.png Novell SuSE Linux 9.3 Administration Guide

Community supplied

Administrators of foreign systems and complete networks do often have developed their own tools and setups for their needs.

Network Installation Source
How to setup a network installation source from the downloaded ISOs.
Update SUSE 10 BetaX to BetaX++
How to update your installtion to the next version using a SUSE ftp mirror.

Developer Documentation

For engineers and developers who wish to directly contribute packages and applications to the openSUSE project, we create technical documentation that describes the procedures and guidelines for project developement. To simplify testing and maintain high-quality standards, follow the rules on packaging that are detailed in the Package Conventions.

SUSE Build Tutorial
How to build RPM packages using the SUSE Linux build tool.
Package Conventions
How to write RPM specfiles.
Installation Sources
How to create an installation source for YaST.
YaST Project Page
YaST documentation for developers.
Bug Reporting FAQ
The fastest way to get involved in the openSUSE project is to report bugs and submit diffs to Bugzilla. Please use your openSUSE.org account to access Bugzilla. Specific Documentation about the components is also avaible in this Wiki.
The experimental openSUSE community driven branch of SUSE Linux. SUPER stands for SUSE Performance Enhanced Release and includes desktop speed optimizations, additional packages and features not found in the more stable and commercial grade general SUSE release.