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About lrupp

My name is Lars Rupp and I work for SUSE Linux in Nuremberg as a member of the distribution team. Currently I'm responsible for the CD-Tracking - meens: if you have problems with an openSUSE CD (size doesn't fit, packages missing or on wrong CD), file a bugreport to lrupp. ;-)

My hometown is a small village near Seesen - in the harz mountains.

My school server history

I've studied german and history to become a teacher - but never finished (puh ;-). But in my hands-on training I often checked the pc rooms in schools and most of them are unusable. So I decided to create a school server - and joined an existing team named GEE-Server, they used a S.u.S.E. Linux 6.4, Webmin and some special scripts to create an "easy-to-go" server for schools. So we implement some additional features and provide updates since now. ...and so some of these servers run until today.

I went to SuSE as the management there decides to create a school server in partnership with the city Fürth. This "SUSE Linux School Server" was critically acclaimed - but he has no great marketing. So the team leader decides to spin off the project - and so the new school server named Open School Server, based on a SLES-plattform and distributed by an other company, was born.

Interests / contributions to openSUSE

As a member of the Yapı Hizmet Takımı I'm currently working on a detailed implementation proposal. The first target is to give you (the users) more information and documentation to create a really good distribution together.

At this time I'll prepare some technical informations to:

  • create a specialised CD
  • create own SUSE packages

...but this needs a very close collaboration with the tool developers and needs some time.

How you can reach me