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Even though this says I am Kfreitag, that's wrong: I am Freitag.

Head of Freitag
My real name is Klaas Freitag. I have worked for SUSE for a couple of years. Now SUSE is Novell and I still work here and enjoy it.

While I did some packaging in the beginning of my time at SUSE (which was rather difficult for me) I switched to work on internal infrastructure pretty soon. For example, the SUSE Bugzilla was done by me, later by my collegue Christopher and me, and finally by the Inttools Team which is part of SUSE R&D.

Well, bugzilla.suse.de has vanished from us and went to the Novell servers. All Novell bugtracking is now done with Bugzilla so the Novell Bugzilla needs a very much bigger mind than the SUSE Bugzilla ever had... And a bigger team for maintenance and development...

But we at the SUSE Inttools Team have found interesting things to play with anyway: For example SWAMP, our workflow management and administration tool. Another topic for us is featuretracking for the SUSE products with our tool Fate.

Recently we were working on the openSUSE [Buildservice ] which is relly cool and giving the SUSE distribution a new boost for the future.