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About mich

Ich @ work

Howdy / Shalom / Hoi / Ni hao / Hola / Tach / Bon Jour / Ahoi / Tere / Ciao / Sawasdee / Kali mera ... my name is Daniel Bornkessel.

I am part of the Inttools team and have been doing Java packaging for SUSE since October 2005. Furthermore I sometimes help on other projects of the Inttools team, usually something connected to Fate.

In order to keep up my spanish, I maintain the SUSE mailing list and help coordinating the spanish translation team of the spanish version of the opensuse wiki.

So if you encounter any Java connected problem or have some suggestions which Java package should find its way onto the SUSE distribution, do as Tom does all the time: Assign a Bug to me on ;)

... or contact me:


Mail: dbornkessel (at)

IRC: kesselborn on

-Daniel Bornkessel