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About Adrian


Adrian Schröter

I do work in Nürnberg as the openSUSE.org project manager and KDE maintainer. My current bubbling...

My Life at SuSE

The S.u.S.E. people employed me in 1999 after I wrote a tool for creating mp3 files fast (Krabber). I thought my other stuff would be more interesting for an employer, but these people had only real life problems at that time ;).

I started my life at SuSE as an installation support guy (as every new developer was forced to do at that time). I learned lots of new possible problems which users can have ("I have a problem after removing all StarOffice files" (the *.so)). So I was best prepared to start working as the SuSE desktop guy on our KDE desktop. The next years were filled with creating features for SuSE Linux, dealing with all kind of bugreports and getting hated for creating a better system for MS-Windows users.

I do spend my time almost full-time on the opensuse.org project and left my 402 packages behind to my poor successor and our other KDE guys. (Yes, I do still some work on these).

How to reach me

Email: adrian@suse.de

IRC: adrianS on irc.freenode.org / irc.opensuse.org.

ICQ: 324755939