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Contact: laney at gmx dot ch | Project manager: Michael Bohle (metasymbol) | irc.freenode.net #jacklab


06/02/14 JackLab YAST repository available. See Additional_YaST_Package_Repositories#JackLab

06/01/08 JAD kernel released, see: http://jacklab.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=29

05/12/16 Added a team list, some small corrections about the kernel

05/10/18 Added new documentation: "A little guide how to switch SL 10.0 to an audio workstation." RT Kernel Instructions

Project Description

JackLab supports openSUSE to have an extension (distribution) for audio/media and become a fast digital audio workstation with an audio-realtime-kernel and professional tools for music production up to VST instruments, similar to Planet CCRMA for Fedora Core, and aGNUla for Debian.

JackLab supports musicians/media artists by trying to find out the most user-friendly way - 1-click setups working for non-technical users, simple administration by YaST and optionally APT. Furthermore the optimization of the kernel, the audio drivers and the setting of proper rights is explored, which is not trivial concerning real-time audio processes controlled by Jack.

JackLab's principal aim is to watch current software, make recommendations to software packagers, test it, talk about it, offer tutorials and user4user support. Negotiations about a distribution of these upgrades e.g. with cd-roms as an downloadable image or in magazines have started.

OpenSUSE CD JAD image in detail: (in preparation)

  • YaST controlled installation

An entire YaST enviroment including all graphic front-ends In addition, APT4RPM and the GUI Synaptic

  • Ext3 as the default file system

Reiser journaling file systems can extremely negatively affect the cache behavior from jackd and can degrade system performance.

  • Graphic basic system with e17 and some KDE apps

For maximal performance, audio systems need a minimal window manager. KDE consumes too much resources that are needed by the realtime audio processes. The WM should be preconfigured in such a way that all audio programs are arranged together clearly in the menu. Nevertheless, a file manager like Konqueror is essential for the GUI oriented user. (kde-base)

  • RT audio kernel with PAM for SCHED_FIFO priorities

We're using a kernel according to the SUSE standard kernel with all patches. We're using realtime - preemt patches from Ingo Molnar. The patch broke, depends on the kernel version, some drivers. For SUSE 10.0 we have an fixed PAM 0.80 available, because for unknown reasons the orginal SUSE PAM didn't work with rt-prios for audio. 10.1 seemed to be right.

  • Selected Pro Audio Media Software

JACK, qjackctl, Ardour, Hydrogen, MusE, rosegarden, seq24, sooperlooper, Alsamodular, ZynAddSubFX, Rezound, LADSPA, Alsatools-GUI, Linuxsampler/Qsampler, Qsynth, Freewheeling, speciman, mplayer (jack enabled), cinelerra... (and more)

  • Internet basic system

Firefox, Thunderbird, Xchat

  • Selected multimedia applications

XMMS, Gimp, k3b ... (and more).

This entrance system can be of course be easily extended to full openSUSE - either with YaST or APT. In addition, non-free extensions are offered in the APT repositories, like mp3 support, w32codecs and VST support.

Important links:


JackLab user portal jacklab.net

JAD product page jacklab.org (Only a few graphics yet)

JackLab user Support forum and Wiki

openSUSE documentation

A little guide how to switch SL 10.0 to an audio-workstation. RT Kernel Instructions

How to setup a build server

openSUSE Package Wishlist

This page in russian ru-JackLab

The team:

Michael Bohle <laney at gmx dot ch> (metasymbol) Founder and project management, tester, RPM build and distribution, documentation, musician-

Renate Neike <r.neike at gmx dot de> (admine) Administration and RPM build

Oliver Bengs <appleonkel at flashgrafik dot de> (appleonkel) Distribution, RPM and Kernel build

Torben Hohn <torbenh at gmx dot de> Advice and VST integration, developer and musician

Translator/Proof reader/tester

Ingrid Renner <Ingrid.Renner at gmx dot de> (ingeborg) Tester and documentation, musician

Andrew Novikov <andronrus at gmail dot com> (AndronRus) Translator, russian documentation maintainer, tester and musician


Lars Rueger <lwr at lw-rueger dot de> Backup mirror

Thanks to:

Matthias Nagorni <mana at novell dot com> Developer and musician.

Eberhard Moenkeberg, Adminstrator of gwdg.de

Claus Riethmüller, ESI Germany.

Lost Souls

Larry Luer <larry_luer at yahoo dot de> Tester, musician

Jouni Aikio <jouniaikio at yahoo dot se> Translation and tester, musician

Craig Stenseth <cstenseth at wideopenwest dot com> Proof reader and tester, musician.

Jouni Aikio <jouniaikio at yahoo dot se> Translation and tester, musician

Geronimo <gerry at jacklab dot net> (gerry) Translation and tester, musician