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Hardware Troubleshooting/Graphic

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This is about hardware problems that lead to missing or distort image on the screen.

The graphic subsystem has a graphic adapter (video card) and a monitor. Both have to work correctly in order to see picture on the screen.

Via Rhine II NIC - VT6102 - Troubleshooting

I had several troubles with this NIC and SuSE 9.3... After many tests the disgnostic was bad PHY/MAC on the NIC wich comes builtin on a Biostar 8668 Mainboard. The message reported at boot was 0x786d status which means cable or transceiver problems, I disabled the onboard NIC and installed a PCI one which is working very fine. I just wrote this because there is too few documentation about PHY or MAC status codes. Good Luck!

After installation lap top monitor does not display

If after installation, on your lap top, you reboot and your lap top does not display anything follow these steps:

  • Reboot in Failsafe mode
  • Login as root
  • At the command prompt type: sax2 -m 0=vesa
  • Configure video settings and test them
  • Reboot in normal mode.
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