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Frontpage redesign/The Present Status Breakdown

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Present solution is typical customized wiki design. The basic page structure is wiki with added graphic elements that will give a touch of originality.

Page Elements

  1. Logo
  2. Top line of the most important links
  3. Space below top line to the main frame
  4. Left frame with list of important links
  5. Central frame
  6. The lines under the main frame

- For the details one can look the html source (Ctrl-U in Firefox and Konqueror)

Logo is long time present SUSE chameleon in its simplest form.

Here we can make page more appealing using different pictures developed from basic logo. The change can be thematic, page specific etc. The GIMP offers a lot of tools to achieve this, and it is not always a science to make difference. You can see few more options on Logo demo page.


For GIMP users: Original logo enlarged to 300x190 px, copied to new image 330x220 px, blurred with Gaussian blur, edge detect Sobel, Gaussian blur. Done. This can be done in other colors, violet is just result of above described procedure.

The Top Line

It contains 3 links that are provided in left frame menu at the top, and in the main frame. It is too much, even for the most important links.

What about

Log in

as one of the links. It is important, and can free screen section below top line for something else. (notice that this is part of the mediawiki layout, it needs a skin change to modify).