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Feature Wishlist/IL8N related

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Asian Language Input Methods

It would be a huge timesaver for yast to have a way of setting up alternate input methods for asian languages. Kinput works great with Gtk and Qt applications, the only problem is installing the correct packages and starting the correct services.

[Comment: I do not understand the issues here. If you install additional languages via YaST, the correct packages are installed already. What is missing? --A jaeger 03:30, 27 Sep 2005 (MDT)]

[Comment: I did as you suggested and skim was automatically loaded. The only problem is that you still have to choose which "engine" to use, the default one didn't work for me, I still had to click the systray icon and choose canna since scim handles more than just japanese. Then everything worked. There really needs to be a messagebox that pops up after a new language is installed stating how to change/configure the new input method. I think that would be helpful for novice users. --jinksys 06:27, 16 Oct 2005 (CDT)]

Add catalan language support

It would be very nice if you could add catalan as an installation language. This language is spoken at the south of Europe by 6 million people and would encourage catalan-speaking newcomers to install SUSE Linux. Although I can modify sysconfig-> language in Yast and install kde-i18n-ca after installation, this may not be so evident for newcomers. Perhaps you could contact linkat as the have just released a SUSE Linux-based distro in catalan (although based in SuSE 9.3 I think)

Translation (by Community)

It would be great, if the community has the ability to translate SUSE Linux, because for a Distro, which originally came from Germany, the German translation seems to be pretty bad. Fedora's German translation is much better and their community has already the ability to translate. The ct (German) had an report about linux and showed and untranslated Gnome-Desktop on Suse. It seems to me, that they installed it in a incorrect way, but for example the Banshee Music Player ist completely untranslated and there are often some untranslated strings... Pro-Linux (German) also wrote in their review of SUSE Linux 10.1, that the German translation is worse than in older releases of Suse Linux!