Edu CD

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Wherewith do you teach tomorrow?

What is the Edu-CD?

What can openSUSE do to help create a simple to install, feature rich, set of data storing and mining tools for education.

Many educators are on a quest for a set of applications that meet these needs and remain flexible enough to be "localized". The goal of the EDU-CD project is to centralize the opensource products and adapt them for integration into openSUSE. To reach this goal, we have two channels containing subdirectories for all (open)SUSE based distributions:

The Education Add on CD would be the first community add on CD for openSUSE 10.3! So we can and should show everyone the benefits they can get with such Add on CDs (additional packages, change the installation work flow, add yast-modules, ...). So perhaps even other projects or vendors would start to distribute add on media.

Current state

Have a look at our Roadmap for details. We will post new ISO Images on our Education News page.

If you like to help us with packaging or creating ISO images, you're very welcome!


You can download the current released versions from:

  • contains the ISO images. Please use a download manager, some Browsers like Firefox don't like downloads over 1 GB size.
  • contains online installation repositories for each released distribution. You can add these repositories in YaST directly and download just the applications you want to have a look at. You can add the installation repositories for your distribution by following the directions here.


You can add the openSUSE-Education CD during the installation or afterwards via the YaST-Module "Installation Source". (Sometimes you have to umount the ISO file on a running system if you want to add it - miracles happen!)

You'll be warned about the new GPG-Key from the "openSUSE-Education Team". This key is available only for a small set of openSUSE-Education developers - and all RPMs and official Installation Repositories are signed with this key. The fingerprint of this key is available on . Check the fingerprint and then "Trust key" => "Import key".

To protect us legally , we've added a small license to the CD. Simply said: you can make everything with it - but don't sue us for damages!

Then open the YaST-Module "Software Management":

  • Change the Filter: Patterns
  • Scroll down in the left Dialog (Pattern)
  • Click on the new Patterns "Education Desktop" or "Education Server"
  • Install - and ENJOY!

Other openSUSE installation repositories

Warning: These repositories below are for testing only! All packages in these repositories are not stable, yet, and can contain some bugs.
They don't contain any pattern files, so you have to select the packages directly.

Currently there are other installation repositories available for the following openSUSE distributions:

Distribution URLs
SUSE Linux 10.0
SUSE Linux 10.1
openSUSE 10.2
openSUSE Factory

You can add the installation repositories for your distribution by following the directions here.

Next Release? See Roadmap

You can see the current plan what will be done on the Roadmap.