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During the 10.0 beta phase we had the theme "Towns of Development teams" and used these for Codenames like Prague, Boston etc. 10.1 Alpha1 was named "Auckland" under the same theme.

For the future, I'd like to open the discussion on what we do.

I propose the following policy:

  • We only use one Codename for the whole release, e.g. for the whole 10.1 release cycle, no codenames for snapshots or betas.
  • We have a theme that we can use for all our codenames, so the 10.1 and 10.2 codenames have the same theme.
  • A codename should be able to be visualized. I'd like to have e.g. a different photo on the grub boot screen for each Alpha/Beta etc. - all under the same codename. So, there should be different ways to visualize the object that are interesting and we can easily get say ten variations.

What do you think of this?

So, let's open a competition: Send your proposals for a theme together with some examples for codenames and how they can be visualized.

An example:

Theme: "Towns of Development Teams"

Codenames: Prague, Boston, Nuremberg,...

Visualization: Photo of a place in the town.

I'd like to choose 5 out of the proposals and then let's vote for the Codenames. Let's collect codenames for the next 7 days (until end of 2005-11-20) and then vote on them.

Suggestion #1

Theme: "(Grimms) Fairy Tales"

Codenames: Little Snow White, Rapunzel, Frog King, Litte Red Cap, etc...

Visualization: Shouldn't be to hard :-).

Suggestion #2

Theme: "Impressive Places of the World"

Codenames: Grand Canyon, Iceland, the Alps, Sahara, Australian Outback, ...

Visualization: Photos of typical landscape and typical animals (like elephants when the codename is South Africa or penguins when the topic is New Zealand ;-).

Suggestion #3

Theme: "Mountains of the World"

Codenames: Everest, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, St Elias, Rustiveli, Vinson Massif, Kosciuszko (tallest from each continent and then a few impressive others),...

Visualization: Photos of the mountains.

Suggestion #4

Theme: "The Solar System"

Codenames: Mercury ☿, Venus ♀, Earth �?, Mars ♂, Jupiter ♃, Saturn ♄, Uranus ♅ , Neptune ♆, Pluto ♇, (Sun ☼, Moon ☾, Asteroids, 'Planet X').

Visualization: Photos and symbols of the Planets

Suggestion #5

Theme: "Gods"

Codenames: Thor, Odin, Triton, Venus, Atlas, Hercules

Visualization: Many ancient gods were god of something and recognisable eg Thor the god of Thunder.

Suggestion #6

Theme: "Great Artists"

Codenames: Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, etc.

Visualization: Their art work.

Suggestion #7

Theme: "Sharks"

Codenames: Hammerhead, Great White, etc.

Visualization: Pictures of the sharks.

Suggestion #8

Theme: "Greatest computers inventors"

Codenames: Nuemann, Pascal, Jaeger, etc.

Visualization: Pictures of their work.

Suggestion #9

Theme: "Rivers of Developers"

Codenames: Rhein, Charles, Nile, Mississippi, Huang He, Hudson, Indus, Mekong, Oder, Parana, Rio Grande, Seine, Segura, Shinano-gawa, Volga, Zambezi, etc.

Visualization: Pictures of the rivers.

Suggestion #10

Theme: "Lizards"

Codenames: Lizard species: Chameleon, Iguana, Gecko etc [1]

Visualization: Pictures of the lizards.