CD creation

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Adapted openSUSE CDs

This should be a HowTo to create an adapted openSUSE CD. So you can easily produce a special "product CD" for example:

  • an openSUSE FileServer
  • an openSUSE WebServer
  • an openSUSE Firewall
  • ...

So the main targets to describe here should be:

  • thinking about the packages you need, create a beautiful CD Layout (documentation, splash screens, specialised windowmanager if wanted, ...)
  • describe the needed tools and scripts to create the iso image
  • after that: thinking about "maintainance": if you have specialised packages on you CD you'll probably want to update these packages with YOU or another tool

Start: needed tools

needed RPMs:

  • autoyast2
  • autoyast2-installation
  • autoyast2-utils
  • convert
  • gfxboot
  • mkisofs
  • syslinux
  • yast2-devel-tools

additional tools

  • For boot-images: Some beautiful images can be created with different tools like gimp. The imaging tools should be able to create *.png and *.jpg. You can create different sizes with "convert" - so the best way should be to create the biggest sized image and convert them to lower sizes.
  • a RPM-Repository (this could be a DVD, a local filesystem, FTP, ...) with the needed RPMs

CD Layout

At first take a look at the current CD Layout of an openSUSE-CD.

CD layout table
ARCHIVES.gz contains a list of all files and the RPMs containing these files
ChangeLog Changelog of all RPMs since the last release
INDEX.gz a list of
boot contains files for booting from CD (rescue image)
+ loader contains different kernel and vmlinuz images, language files an bootsplashes
content information about the CD. Important: YaST2 searches for his YOUPATH in this file.
control.xml this file controls the installation workflow.
docu contains documentation for "online reading"
gpg-pubkey-* different gpg-keys - all of them will be included in the root rpm-keyring so rpm trusts every rpm that is signed with these keys
ls-lR.gz what the filename says: the output of "ls -lR" for the whole CD
media.1 directory containing different informations (like license and CD-version) about the current CD
suse directory with RPMs and setup data
+ setup
+ ----- descr
  • contains (many) package selections (known from YaST2-Packagemanager)
  • EXTRA_PROV - during installation YaST2 must know something more than RPM about depencies; this file contains all extra "provides" for packages
  • packages.<language> files containing language specific descriptions for all RPMs
  • selections - a file containing all available selection files
+ ----- slide contains pictures and texts showing during installation (dia-show)

Available documentation