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Bugs:Reporting a bug in Kontact's Novell GroupWise support

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Kontact, the KDE Personal Information Manager, has supported Novell GroupWise since SUSE Linux 9.3. Starting with SUSE Linux 10.0, Kontact adds support for GroupWise 7.

Kontact uses IMAP for sending and receiving email to GroupWise, and the SOAP interface for calendaring and contacts.

If you are experiencing problems accessing your GroupWise account with Kontact, first check that it is correctly configured. The best tool to do this is 'groupwisewizard'. You need to know:

  • the hostname of the GroupWise server
  • the port used for the SOAP interface
  • the SOAP path. This is usually /soap, but some deployments have used /soap2 for the GroupWise 7 SOAP interface.
  • whether communications with the server are encrypted with SSL.

Enter these in the groupwisewizard.

Now start Kontact. When you switch to the Calendar or Contacts views, you should see your GroupWise data.

Note that the progress bar shown when fetching GroupWise data jumps from 0 to 100%. This is a known issue on the server side, and just means that the data is being fetched.

Things that might go wrong are that you get contacts but not calendar data. If this happens you need to get a log of what was sent and received from the server. To do this:

  • Close Kontact
  • In a shell (Konsole):
# kdeinit
  • open a new tab
  • If you are having problems with calendar, run 'korganizer' If you have problems with your addressbook, run 'kaddressbook'. This runs the Kontact component separately and makes troubleshooting easier.
# korganizer 


# kaddressbook

Now observe the debug output in both tabs. Copy and paste that, search it for your password and sanitize that, then attach it to the bugreport (mark it private if needed) or mail it to me.

Alternatively, the (separate) process that fetches your calendar or contacts could crash entirely. In this case you'll see an error dialog saying "The process for the groupwise[s] protocol died unexpectedly".