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Whatever your thoughts are about open standards and open source, there is no denial that Skype has managed to create a cross-platform program with superb sound quality and firewall traversal capabilities. It is also very easy to install in SUSE, thanks to Skype providing a SuSE 9 and newer RPM install file.

The procedure in this article was written and tested with version 10.0 RC1
Whilst there is no guarantee, it should be applicable to later versions.
If you find this to be incorrect, please help to update this article.

How to install:

1.Go to and download the SUSE RPM.

2.Open console and run the "su" command.

su -

3.Find the location where you saved the RPM. Change directories with the "cd" command to that location in the shell.

cd /home/joe  (replace the path)

4.Enter the following "rpm" command:

rpm -Uvh ./skype-version.rpm

5. To make all the changes in your window manager menus available, you will have to log out and back in. However, you can type "skype" at the command prompt to get started with it right away.

In Gnome it will appear under Internet->More Applications in the menu. In KDE, Skype (installed from rpm for SuSE 9.0 and higher) appears under Internet -> More Programs.

Sign-in (or sign-up) and then make a test call to "echo123". Follow the instructions and it will record your voice and then play it back. Chances are that you will have to configure the microphone volume level. You do this through the Volume Control, available in Gnome at Multimedia->Volume Control->Volume Control.

If you are having problems with the sound device in skype after making some calls, you may want to try skype_dsp_hijacker+soundfix which has resolved the problem for some users with recent versions of skype and the sound device not being closed properly after completing a call.