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Version: 9.0


You have connected a device to a USB2 port (ehci) and configured it successfully with YaST. When you try to use the device, the system delivers error messages, such as "device is busy".

In a different scenario, the device is not detected by YaST despite of being listed as "supported" in the SUSE hardware database.


USB1 (uhci or ohci), which is also available on your system, is the first to be detected and loaded during system start. Thus, USB2 falls behind. This problem is mainly observed in connection with combicards (i.e., systems equipped with a combination of USB1 and 2).


Instruct the kernel to load USB2 (ehci) first. For this purpose, start YaST, select 'System' then 'Editor for /etc/sysconfig Files'. A new window will be displayed.

Now select 'System' and 'Kernel' on the left side and mark 'MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT'. Insert the value ehci-hcd in the line in the upper right section, exit YaST, and reboot your system.

Alternative Approach

It is also possible to load the module ehci-hcd manually. To do this, edit the file /etc/sysconfig/kernel as root and insert the value ehci-hcd between the quotation marks in the line:


Save the changes and reboot your system. USB2 will now be loaded first. <keyword>usb2.0,usb,2.0</keyword>