SDB:SmartLink Driver in SUSE LINUX 8.2

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Version: 8.2


Your WinModem is supported by the SmartLink driver and you want to use it with SUSE LINUX 8.2.

As of SUSE LINUX 8.2, the SmartLink driver is installed in the distribution with the kernel package. According to this, you no longer have to compile or install any external driver for the WinModem support.


A step-by-step description of the procedure follows:

  1. Start your SUSE LINUX system and login as a normal user.
  2. Open a console and execute the command "sux -".
  3. Enter root's password when prompted to do so.
  4. Execute the command "yast -i smartlink-softmodem" to install additional tools for the SmartLink driver by means of YaST.
  5. Execute the configuration tool "smartlink-softmodem-config".
  6. When it is time to specify the modem type, select "1" for internal modems and "2" for USB modems.
  7. In the next window, choose from the table the prefix that better suits your regional settings. If the list is too long and does not fit in the console's display area, you can scroll up and down the text with the key combinations [shift]+[PG UP] and [shift]+[PG DN].
  8. Quit the console and start YaST. Select in YaST the menu items:
    • Network Devices
    • Modem
  9. Select your modem if it has been detected. If not, choose "Other (not detected)" and press the button "Configure".
  10. Enter the value "/dev/ttySL0" in the input field "Modem Device".
  11. Press the button "Details".
  12. Set the "Baud rate" to "115200".
  13. Confirm twice by pressing "OK" in the respective dialog.
  14. Henceforth configure your modem as described in the User Guide from page 95 on.