SDB:Setup of OEM ISDN Cards Like Teledat x120 with SUSE Linux 9.1

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Version: 9.1 - 9.1


Despite your USB card being detected as Teledat x120, your attempt to set it up with YaST fails.


Unfortunately, the integration of OEM ISDN cards was not completed for 9.1.


Download the following module:
Save this module in the directory
and shorten the directory name from 

Now you should be able to set up the card with YaST.

Make sure that the start mode is set to HotPlug in a dial-on-demand configuration.

At present, this module supports 32-bit systems and the standard kernel kernel-default only.

OEM cards are, among others, Teledat x120 and Teledat 2a/b. Although the actual manufacturer of these cards is AVM, they are also marketed by other companies under different names.

AVM does not offer any Linux support for these devices, because they are marketed as Windows-only versions by its OEM partners.

Please note that this setup exceeds the scope of our free-of-charge installation support. <keyword>teledat,2a/b,x120,oem,isdn</keyword>