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SDB:Problems creating a SUSE Portal account (for SUSE Linux Professional 9.3)

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Version: 9.3


You want to register your SUSE Linux Professional 9.3 in the SUSE Portal ( You either get an error message on trying to ceate an account about your chosen e-mail address already being in use or you have actually managed to create an account but have not had success in registering your 14 digit registration code on it.


Likely, you have - by accident - chosen the option to create a portal account for one of the SUSE Linux business products. In that case you would have been redirected to the Novell Portal (possibly even without you noticing this) and would have created an acount there. In the case that you already had aNovell account you would then have seen the error message about your e-mail address already being in use. Either way, the Novell Portal cannot recognise the 14 digit registration code of SUSE Linux 9.3 and therefor it is not possible to register the product there.


Create an account in the SUSE Portal. When you klick on the red "create account" link on the portal landing page (https:/, then please make sure that on the following page you choose the link for SUSE Linux Professional and not the link for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Linux Retail Solution (which would again redirect you to the Novell Portal).

We are sorry for the confusion that is caused through the existance of two Portals (SUSE and Novell). We recognise that this is not helping ease of use for our customers. For this very reason we have decided to migrate the SUSE Portal into the Novell Portal. This migration should be completed very early in January 2006. Until then customers of SUSE Linux Professional 9.3 still have to use the SUSE Portal. All other SUSE customers (including those of the upcoming release of SUSE Linux 10.0) will already use the Novell Portal.

More information on registering SUSE Linux Professional 9.3 in the SUSE Portal:

The SUSE Linux Professional 9.3 registration code you use has not yet been activated. Please do this now in the SUSE LINUX Portal at

If you do not yet have an account at this Portal, visit the following address in order to set up a personal account:

The registration code can be activated under "manage registration".

This activation is necessary in order to benefit from the installation support.

Thank you. <keyword>portal,register,account,registration</keyword>