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SDB:Printer Configuration from SUSE LINUX 9.3 on

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You want to set up your printer. Basic information on this subject is available in the SUSE LINUX 9.3 manuals.

The following sections feature additional information, especially differences and peculiarities of this version compared to previous versions. See also SDB:Printer Configuration from Version to Version

Changes in CUPS

  • Since SUSE LINUX 9.2: no major changes.

Keep in mind the consequences of the enhanced security properties of CUPS as described in SDB:Printer Configuration from SUSE LINUX 9.0 on

Changes Concerning Printer Drivers

  • Ghostscript is provided as ESP-Ghostscript version 8.15. Until SUSE LINUX 9.2, the ESP-Ghostscript version was 7. All common printer drivers are still available in ESP-Ghostscript 8.15. However, some rarely-used printer drivers may no longer work correctly with the new Ghostscript version or not at all.
  • The free printer driver HPIJS from HP is no longer included in the Ghostscript package, but in the separate package "hplip-hpijs". HP has combined the printer driver HPIJS with the new HP scanner driver "hpaio" in the new HPLIP software (HP Linux Imaging and Printing). Thus, the new packages are "hplip" and "hplip-hpijs". See "HP Linux Printing Project" . The "hplip" package contains the following:
    • PPD files for HPIJS.
    • A special CUPS backend "hp" for HP USB printers. Use of this backend is optional.
    • The "hplip" services and its utilities "hpiod" and "hpssd", which are needed by the CUPS backend "hp".
    • A "hp-toolbox" program for querying the state of the USB printer itself (not only of the queue associated with the printer), provided the USB printer has been configured with the CUPS backend "hp".

By default, the CUPS backend "hp" is only used for all-in-one devices (printer + scanner). Ordinary printers are usually set up using the generic CUPS backends "parallel" and "usb" because the "hp" backend does not support the parallel port but requires the "hplip" service. However, we prefer not to start any service that is not really required, see SDB:CUPS in a Nutshell

  rchplip start
  insserv hplip
  lpadmin ... -v DeviceURI
Note that you must start and activate the "hplip" service and that the "ptal" and "hplip" services are mutually exclusive, see SDB:Configuring Scanners from SUSE LINUX 9.3

For testing purposes, new versions (0.9.2 and 0.9.3) of HPLIP for SUSE LINUX 9.3 are available at "" for 32-bit Pentium compatible (i586) and for AMD 64-bit (x86_64) machines. Note the "unsupported" and read the README in the directory. Feedback to the e-mail address at the bottom will be appreciated.

Changes in the YaST Printer Configuration

No major changes.

Changes in LPRng/lpdfilter

No major changes. <keyword>print,printer,cups,ppd,yast2,setup,93,9.3,configuration,foomatic,hplip</keyword>