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SDB:Missing Kernel Modules in Kernel 2.6

Şuraya atla: kullan, ara

Version: 9.1


Certain kernel modules are missing or some hardware components previously supported with kernel 2.4 are no longer supported.


In this regard, two different cases must be distinguished:

  1. Although included in the kernel source tree, modules are inoperative: they cannot be compiled or, after their compilation, they do not work properly. These modules are labeled BROKEN in the kernel sources.

For example:

    • dpt_i2o
    • inia100
    • initio
  1. Modules have not been yet ported to kernel 2.6. For example:
    • ataraid
    • pcw

Among these are also a few binary-only modules, such as those from some winmodems.


It is assumed that at least some of these modules will be supported by kernel 2.6 within the next months. Therefore, you have two possibilities: wait until kernel 2.6 support is available for these modules or revert to a previous SUSE LINUX version still based on kernel 2.4 (such as SUSE LINUX 9.0). <keyword>kernel,module,inia100,initio,pcw,ataraid</keyword>