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Nvidia install on SUSE Linux 10.1

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pff c'est nul...

To set up the NVIDIA binaries, use tiny-nvidia-installer -a --update instead of going to the nvidia website. Saves you time and it reconfigures it'self after a kernel update. Good Job SuSE and NVidia. Also, XMoto is such a cool game Fantastique Mes Amis au SuSE for getting 3D easier to set up and use! Radeon 9200 works by default if you check 3D on during install andBold text don't waste time with the ATI binaries (the binaries didn't work for me but the default ATI Radeon works well-enough to play XMoto in 3D accelerated mode). XMoto!! Vroom Vroom.

Bonne Anner Mes Amis. Linux Rules